Monday, April 6, 2009

I would like to confess ...

This single mom thing is really tough ... saw some ladies on Oprah today that inspired me to communicate honestly with you all out there. You might think you are as strong as I do and cry secretly a couple of times a month when you have just had enough (blow a gear) and melt down.
I used to think it was because the kids were so young ... can't use that excuse anymore, then it was because I was still alone (divorced 11 years) and literally raising the children on my own. Really, it is the broken dream of the family that I always wanted. My life is one comparable to that of a hamster on his wheel ... never being able to get off. Keep on spinning, keep up, be strong ... yikes, the years are flying by, really they are moving quite too fast. Ok, back to the "why" am I crying now, well it must be hormones, yep those that creep up and get us after we have survived pregnancy, child birth, divorce, raising very young children, dealing with pre-teens ... now the "M" word, when will I get a break?

Anyone else out there ... I know that I am not alone, we really need the support of eachother.

If I can help ... I will.